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Comments: words cant describe the absoulute lunacy we have seen this week!We are up 120 handles onthe spoos in three and a half regular trading hours! And were still down for the week!
why exit? cause 1 min shot up to over bought and 1247 is 5 oints below 1252(which is moving downward) so i take my little 'sure thing' profit. (in this case around 7or 8 handles due to the exteme volitility!)
shorted 46.75 got weirded out made 1point
avg currently 1251.40, 5 min. nuetral half way to over bought(williams %r) WILL THEY PUSH IT TO 1256.50 Or higher, or down to the lower envelope? no idea, this is no mans land for me.
Originally posted by myptofvu


Why dont you open a Paltalk room? It would be easier than typing.

If anyone wants to try out a voice chat I know of a good free web based one, I'd be willing to set up a test sometime after the session today we can see if it's a good thing..

email me [email protected]

not a bad idea, could go either way here cause 15 min is now oversold but hasnt yet given a stoch. buy
So far the bounce offof 1238 has held and its right at the mov. avg!(1251.13) Powerful tools , like i said!
see how its reacting offof that 1256 ? powerful stuff.
I'm ready to test out the chat around 4:15 est , if interested please email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the invite, please have your mic active.
could have made 2 handles in 1 min.
Test it where Pop , here? Ill email u .
Originally posted by myptofvu

Where did u exit the 67 short?

Actually, i was too late on my entry and didnt get filled! Generally, my orders go in a few seconds before i post. Notice the time on that post(12:40). The market had peaked one minute or two before at 1267.75, but it never got above 1265.75 after my order was in so i didnt get hit. Too bad cause it would have been a really good trade.Thats why i made no comment about being stopped out or exiting with a profit. PS: sorry i didnt answer earlier, crazy day!
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