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Comments: words cant describe the absoulute lunacy we have seen this week!We are up 120 handles onthe spoos in three and a half regular trading hours! And were still down for the week!
Selling one at 1258.50
stopped at 1261.50...up 13 for the day.
The lunacy will likely continue all day. Those that thought they had slam dunk winners on calls they wrote and those positioned short in general are going to have to scramble today especially hard to cover due to the quad witch which will add even more fuel to the fire. Santolli on CNBC said at least 5 of his friends in the Treasuries pit who were on the wrong side have already busted out today.
fwiw, there are single ticks from earlier this month between 68.25-70.0 and 89.5-93.0 and 94.0-97.75.
yeah, ill bet a lot of the boyz in the pits got casterated! Now, to today: resistance here 1268, stronger 1272-1275. I have projections off of the charts all the way to 1360. Over the next couple of weeks ,of course.
I don't remember seeing more than 6000 ES contracts on the bid at this time of the morning before (6103 on the bid @ 1268 now)
is there a cap on the ES?
Originally posted by redsixspeed

is there a cap on the ES?

sure looks like it
There are huge sells on the T&S into 1268 but the L2 keeps refreshinig. Menawhile on te cash side the SSO has dropped the equivalent of 4 ES points while the selling into 1268 has been going on.
Now the cash side has reversed and while the ES has remained at 1268 the SSO popped the equivalent of 6 ES points, 2 point equivalents higher than when the ES first hit 1268
Originally posted by myptofvu

Where did u exit the 67 short?

Actually, i was too late on my entry and didnt get filled! Generally, my orders go in a few seconds before i post. Notice the time on that post(12:40). The market had peaked one minute or two before at 1267.75, but it never got above 1265.75 after my order was in so i didnt get hit. Too bad cause it would have been a really good trade.Thats why i made no comment about being stopped out or exiting with a profit. PS: sorry i didnt answer earlier, crazy day!
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