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Comments: words cant describe the absoulute lunacy we have seen this week!We are up 120 handles onthe spoos in three and a half regular trading hours! And were still down for the week!

Why dont you open a Paltalk room? It would be easier than typing.
On the macro level remember i said weeks ago, the 45 day cycle would bottom around the 15th or so. I stated the best short op. for longer term folk was ashort the 9 th into the 15th. G oing back ayear i noticed good declines 5 or so days prior to its expected bottom. Of course i favor my little micro scalps instesd, so i bought a s&p call and made 8500 in2 dayz. Ilike my little onezy twozy es scalps cause loing 300 is nothing if u consistanly make aroun 500 or so a week. Ifind i sleep better
i know, im just trying to help newbies . dont mean to talk so much. Ps 5 min. now oversold , 15 min very close . avg now at1252(remember increments of 5) so it looks like a good long bounce might be around 1237-8
Cheers Kool,
Now I owe you a beer. Busy now setting up my charts with your "magic formula".
especially if its around 3:19-21 pm(cycle work)
Envelopes currently around 1233 and 1226 so caution is advised.I see 1237.50 was an important low earlier in the morn. so be careful. the market love s to test previuos highs or lows and the blast thru them to get the stops. if we hadnt been there yet it would be a great long opp.(
Lets see if we test that 35 now :)
Originally posted by koolblue

i know, im just trying to help newbies .

It's very appreciated! Thanks
NOTICE THE BOUNCE CAME AT 13:21 PM EXACTLY AS I SAID.AND 1238 EXACTLY AS I SAID 9 too bad im typing and missed it)
i would cover here and not get greedy. (anyone can do what i do with practice)
Originally posted by myptofvu

Where did u exit the 67 short?

Actually, i was too late on my entry and didnt get filled! Generally, my orders go in a few seconds before i post. Notice the time on that post(12:40). The market had peaked one minute or two before at 1267.75, but it never got above 1265.75 after my order was in so i didnt get hit. Too bad cause it would have been a really good trade.Thats why i made no comment about being stopped out or exiting with a profit. PS: sorry i didnt answer earlier, crazy day!
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