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So far, still well under fair value. Ugly opening. long one from 1245.00
having trouble breaking thru 1236.5 (mov. avg. -5)
man, this thing really wants to break down but the mov. avg. and mini cycle low are holding it up. 5 min. now oversold, 15 min. close. Im patiently awaiting a buy scalp entry
what do you use for your stochastic? I currently have 5/3/3. Also, do you use all session for your charts or just the 9:30 to 4:15 timeframe?

Thanks for all your comments on this thread...really appreciate you sharing.

Margie, Pop, steve, note the bounce once 1 min. price proj. was hit (1232) {1250.25-1243.50}
I use all sessions, for an overview of how i trade see es-19-08 thread , page 7 i my stoch. are the normal 14-3-3
Covering 1/2 at 1234 + 14points on those. SL on rest at 43 even if they get stopped thats plus 5.....
Ijust bought one at 1234.25, tight 2 point stop. reasons(5 min. buy , price proj. hit)
out by 10:33, hope fully around 1237-1237.50
exited 1237.25, lousy fill... plus 3, up 10.75 on the day
Great trade Joe, i think youll be well rewarded on your ib break out!
Thanks for everything. I guess it was a good day for me to have computer problems. Had to keep rebooting. So like you said, "Tomorrows another day".

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