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So far, still well under fair value. Ugly opening. long one from 1245.00
We really need to stay above this 1238 area for the next 2 min. to trigger a 15 min. buy... 5 min. has plenty of room to move up
Big money accumulated into the move to the 32.5 area. Big $ net position (cummulative trades on the ask of 50 or more copntracts) for today's pit session is the white BAV line. Small $ is the brown BAV line.

Click image for original size

Click image for original size
Sorry for the double chart post. Just when I think I have this figured out I screw it up. LOL
Big $ is net +15000 contracts now
THXfor the chart , Prest, Im on a 15 min. buy, but 5 min. just too neutral for me to enter a buy scalp yet.
should visit 1229 before too long
selling 1237.50(very risky!)
bored... cancelling order ... still waiting for a buy scalp..
buying one here for a scalp
long one at 1238.50(another lousy fill) looking for 1233 area..1 min. price proj . is 1232.50
Thanks for everything. I guess it was a good day for me to have computer problems. Had to keep rebooting. So like you said, "Tomorrows another day".

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