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So far, still well under fair value. Ugly opening. long one from 1245.00
Hey, prestwick, you pointed out the ib extention to the globex low, but check out my market analysis thread. your 100% extention comes in right at the gap resistance! (1214)
Margie, see(1 min.)the recent peak at 1235(as predicted)? Those three bars down give you a proj of 1230 even. we went 3 hole ticks lower . Just remember , your technicals rule just use the proj. for enry or exit ideas.
Kool - it is interesting how there tends to be a confluence between various techniques. We may see those lower levels yet today given how the dollar is tanking and commodities soaring.
See what i see , margie? 1:24 or so, but 5 min. is not quite oversold yet.Notice the 5 min. says longer!
Theres your little 1:24 bounce, actually Margie used 13:01 bar to 13:11 bar gave 1:22. sorry(trying to eat)
Prest, i also find that amazing. cant tell you how many times the mp crowd comes up with the same numbers im looking at.Well... gotta go ... back in an hour.
cycle lows at 2:24, 2:37-40
order to sell 1228.50
stopped out at 1231.5...minus 3 handles... up 9
order to buy 1227.50 (2)
Thanks for everything. I guess it was a good day for me to have computer problems. Had to keep rebooting. So like you said, "Tomorrows another day".

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