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So far, still well under fair value. Ugly opening. long one from 1245.00
ugh, stopped again at 1224.00..minus 5 total.up only 4 now
What in the world does Oil up 24$ have to do with the price of beans? Thats way messed up. I am heavy short anyways...How in the world is the Dow not down 800, good thing I don't watch CNBC there's no way I would have went long any today???
single ticks 17.75-21.0 before 100% IB extension to 14.25
im currently looking at 1218-1219
Joe - fwiw, although commodities in general have been strong, it was the Oct. crude contract that really soared (closed +15.7%)today. Many shorts had to settle today before the contract came off the board and they got slammed. The USO, which better reflects the cash market, is up 6.4%.
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Yeah I heard LOL, I thought something was up. No way oil could be up that much and the ES not down more than it was.
long 2 but need a quick exit, cause i got to go to work . exiting 1220-1222
man, my stop is 1212 but the gap closes at 1211.25 i think. could be toast here
out and down 2 handles today. Once again i failed to heed my own advise and payed the price! oh well, tommorrows another day. c ya !
Thanks for everything. I guess it was a good day for me to have computer problems. Had to keep rebooting. So like you said, "Tomorrows another day".

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