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pre- open 10-01-08

selling two es here
out at 1156.75 , plus 1.5 total(2 es )
Kool, How did you arrive at the 1154.00 projection?
Well i tried to buy that last little cycle low but closer to 1154.00. Order was in for 1154.50 and wasnt filled of course . Ihad the time (cycle) right ,but not quite the price . looking for mid. 1140s on a little longer term.
selling 1160 area if hit
selling here
short [email protected] 1161.25, 3 point stop
nice one koolblue shorted @ 1160.75

covered @ 1158.75

out at 1158.50..finally a nice 2.75ea (2 contracts)...up 5 onthe session
I'm sure nobody has forgott the high volume zone created on Monday at the 1175 - 1182 area......HMMM....what stopped the advance yesterday..?? The begining of the zone......

It's great to have numbers in advance and then see what happens with Volume at our key numbers......nice ingredient for fades

additional zones now sit at 1144 - 1148
and 1163 - 1167

These are the Pinball should react well at these.....of course any set of numbers will fail during news events.....good luck today

Lots of gaps out here too......
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