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pre- open 10-01-08

selling two es here
mY CHARTS ARE [email protected]#%%%&^%$&
Kool - cycle low earlier was 49.75 with 58 cycle high. Doesn't this project to 36.5? LVA is in 33 area. Single ticks 32.0-33.25.
Thanks Kool

It's helping me alot to go back over the setups when you post the time and prices like this. Except for one thing..I'm coming up with a proj of 1152 not 1150 using those two bars. What did I do wrong lol? Heres my math 1160.50 - 1157.25 = 3.25 x 2.618 = 8.50 1160.50 - 8.50 = 1152.00
Mypto, on my chart the 5 min bar at 8:50 has the peak high of 1161.75! Were u using the 1 min? hey some body tell me did we hit my 1144-45 yet ?
yes...low 1144.50
Kool - hit 44.25. a bad ISM # brought on the selling
looks like we hit your low project of around 1146 from yesterdays close...I use esignal datafeed into Neoticker and when there is extreme volume my charts freeze for anywhere from a few to as much as 30 seconds..there is so much more volume nowadays that this is one of the problems
Yup, i made that call last nite around 7:00 or so.. see 9-30-08 es tread page 5 . Ive been waiting all nite knowing this was likely and my charts froze! lol justice in the world! THEY just came back up
Hmm our charts are diff. On mine the 8:45 bar is an up bar with 1161.75 peak and the 8:50 bar is a down bar with 1158:25 close
YEAH, mypto this is wierd. My 1 min clearly shows the peak was at 8:47 and yet its contained on the 5min 8:50 bar! How can that be?!?
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