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ES 10-03-08

Nice short coming up, 1141 or so.
I don't understand why a new low? We got the rescue must be a shake out
Thats why I don't watch the news while I trade. I am a firm believer that you can see it in the charts before it happens. I don't even listen for numbers in the A.M, I don't even know when the fed meets. This may sound stupid to some in here but if it isn't broke.... and if it were not for some in here I would even now they were voting today. It helps keep the biases out of my trading.
I agree Joe; only I do watch (not cnbc) for the Eco. news non farm fomc ect. Looking at the candle just before news sometimes gives a false signal. They may be holding for the realease and go the other way. Know how I know that? :))
In my opinion, that is the right way to do things. Just tune out everything else and trade per the technicals. Saves a lot of pain through making bad trades. One can never know in which direction the human emotion will take the market but your technicals will definitely tell you that.
I like CBOETV its more for the day trader/short term trader, with DR. DOOM, thats some good news because he's a pit trader and its his show and he talks about his trades. Its not OPM its his account, look into it.
Go to
I will; thanks Joe
I am going to buy some calls right at the bell....
Bought some SPY oct 110 calls at 4.25 (ES at 1103)
Did we see the short-term low yet at low 1100s?
Toes are fine Joe; glad everything is good with your new girl
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