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ES 10-03-08

Nice short coming up, 1141 or so.
PS: for what its worth: some body yesterday asked me about whether i ever look at 'longer' term charts to identify larger or longer term moves. Had some fun looking at 15 min, 30 min, and hourly bars when i got home last nite. Initial proj. come in around 1161.75-1164 area, so i would guess we have a little room to move here.
ohh yeah 1500 isn't pocket change. 3 of those ES options is like 10 SPY options. I Love options, even if this put is a loser I'll be up 9.5 points and thats more than I make trading the ES, slower and steady is better for me??? And I'm still up very nice in the ES trades, this works very good for me, now I can have a put on and scalp longs. It was hard doing it out of one account, I was switching back and forth getting in scalping mode and then missing moves. I like the 20plus point trades...But will take what ever works
buying 2
long [email protected] 1147.75, 2 point stop.... have had time to look at proj. or cycles yet so ill probably get killed. Buying the oversold 1 min. chart
ugh.. just gave back 2 handles... sigh
$TICK's making new daily lows, now lets see if we can't fill this gap...
ok ,here we go! initial proj 1142.5-1143.5, mini low around 12:05 area. 5min just now creeping into oversold. already hit 1143.75 but if we spike lower in that time frame i buy 2
5 min. saying the low is around 12:15-20
holding off for a few min (1 min chart confirms mini low 12:18-21)... we shall see!
will be watching
Toes are fine Joe; glad everything is good with your new girl
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