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Globex 10-08-08

Well,looks like i missed some fun after i left around 3! Tip to all my es thread friends, I have gone over and over it and i keep coming up with the same scenerio,longer term. We are soon to make a low, a major low and it looks like OCT. 14-15th! Doesnt mean we cant go up today, tonite ,whatever, just means the 'huge' cycle will bottom then. O/N the shorter term, closing ticks are still very high indicating continuation of the decline. I do feel that Charter Joes 993.00 square of 9 is going to come into play tonite or ,hopefully tomorrow. Im so sure of that, that i am putting in oco orders to buy 2 es at 993.75 , with a 4 point stop., and a bracket to take profits at 1003.75. GTC.i can change or modify when i get home from work around 6:30 am. Be ready on the 14th,gang, for a potentially huge profit potential on an options play!

look , whever a price pierces a boll. band buy a huge amt. like that its a given that it has to migrate back inside the band again. so where to short? I had no clue ...just waited for the market to pause a bit which it did at my entry level. ps: you should see how much it pirced on my 1 min. chart!LOL
I haven't seen the markets turn on just one rate cut before, it usually takes a bunch of them there's only 1.50% left. The ES just moved up 10 points in 70 sec. this is nuts...this things ripping through all my numbers and indicators like nobody's biz. Bears are hard even for the bears.
RRBURNS, FOR MY TIMING MODEL CHECK THE trading strategies and setup topics at this forum, and look at kools video
Short at 1020, I don't have many cons the overnight is hardly ever kind to me.
IM lucky to be alive, Joe! Bet we give it all back today tho! Still think the 'bottom' is a few days away yet.
1 min. proj. is around 1030, if it breaks that.. then 1042-44. illsell one at 1030 or so
mini cycle top at 7:34 and i missed by 1 freakin tick!(swear to God, they got my computer tapped!)
selling here any way(one only)
short one from 1028.00, 3.5 stop
I am this close (holding my fingers about an inch apart) to leaving and coming back when the VIX is 20...5 point avg swings on one min bars when the ES is at the 900's is just crazy. I am fixing to go trade wheat, I have done it before, it moves just like the ES on a normal day, and sq nine works like a charm on it.
out at 977.00.. wow im up 0.5 handles ...and i feel like ive been run over by a truck! Ill watch the open unless 957-8 appears first
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