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Globex 10-08-08

Well,looks like i missed some fun after i left around 3! Tip to all my es thread friends, I have gone over and over it and i keep coming up with the same scenerio,longer term. We are soon to make a low, a major low and it looks like OCT. 14-15th! Doesnt mean we cant go up today, tonite ,whatever, just means the 'huge' cycle will bottom then. O/N the shorter term, closing ticks are still very high indicating continuation of the decline. I do feel that Charter Joes 993.00 square of 9 is going to come into play tonite or ,hopefully tomorrow. Im so sure of that, that i am putting in oco orders to buy 2 es at 993.75 , with a 4 point stop., and a bracket to take profits at 1003.75. GTC.i can change or modify when i get home from work around 6:30 am. Be ready on the 14th,gang, for a potentially huge profit potential on an options play!
Mypto, sorry im so late answering .. always go with the 5 min. in a case like that9ps:im betting we break the low and see 957-58 later today)
seling here
short one at 990.50, 5 point stop
selling again(1) at 997
IB stop order is not working on my IB. anyone with same issue
short one from 987.25 ..missed 997 down 9.5 on the day this is tough to trade because of the extreme volitility!
will sell another if we get back to 992.50
starting longs at 984 today...will add at 75....first target is 1025...
I think today will be the low to high least I'm hoping on it.....
out at 977.00.. wow im up 0.5 handles ...and i feel like ive been run over by a truck! Ill watch the open unless 957-8 appears first
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