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Globex 10-08-08

Well,looks like i missed some fun after i left around 3! Tip to all my es thread friends, I have gone over and over it and i keep coming up with the same scenerio,longer term. We are soon to make a low, a major low and it looks like OCT. 14-15th! Doesnt mean we cant go up today, tonite ,whatever, just means the 'huge' cycle will bottom then. O/N the shorter term, closing ticks are still very high indicating continuation of the decline. I do feel that Charter Joes 993.00 square of 9 is going to come into play tonite or ,hopefully tomorrow. Im so sure of that, that i am putting in oco orders to buy 2 es at 993.75 , with a 4 point stop., and a bracket to take profits at 1003.75. GTC.i can change or modify when i get home from work around 6:30 am. Be ready on the 14th,gang, for a potentially huge profit potential on an options play!
still holding,(desperation?) ill buy another at 1027.25
STOPPED AT 1025.75. down 13.5 now...sheese!
selling [email protected] 1018.5..3 point stop bailng at 1014
... down 16.5 ...sigh
shorted 1017.00... not giving up on that 1013 target!
cover1013.00 .....down 8.5
buying here (2)
I am short because the markets have sold off on every other piece of news I don't see how this will be different. I wish I could have gotten out of my calls though...I added more avg is 1027. I am fixing to add some more as we take out those 1010 lows, welt just did it avg is now 1018. Target new lows
ok, long 2 at 1005.50, covered one at 1009.50.. holding with 1006 stop
on the side lines... down 4.5 watching
out at 977.00.. wow im up 0.5 handles ...and i feel like ive been run over by a truck! Ill watch the open unless 957-8 appears first
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