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ES 10-22-08

Kool - what is the link to your comment on the ticks?
several. starting with the high at 1303 back in aug. Then i think on the trading stategis topic ,market analysis threads and so on. Look ,nothing lasts forever in this buisiness but I ve watched it for about 2 years now and especially all this year. The smallest decline was about 25 handles, the largest , well the last 3 weeks during the crash, we had several days in arow, which indicated continuing declines. But be advised its not a trading indicator cause the rule is up to 2 whole days before the decline sets in and a whole lot can happen in that time frame!
where is the hour break out up that I ordered? Gheesh...killing me all this waiting
Its just a strong indication, like the nas underperforming the dow and s&p which i comment on often (see yesterdays and the day befores es threads)
The boyz are at lunch enjoying their martinis!LOL
Bakrob, for trading purposes(daytrading) i would refer you to Bruce and Charter Joe i think, who follow it with great success. Maybe PRESTWICK, cant remeber!
You know, BRUCE, it sure looks like this things winding up for a good break soon! Check out the triangle forming on the 5 min chart since 9:35 this morning. Could go either way , but a decent move appears in the offing!
OK thanks for the info ... I am interested becuase I autotrade a strategy baased ont he TICKS average on a 5 minute charts .. and it has been doing very well.
Trendline boundries Appear to be around 927 ISH AND 916 OR 17 ISH.
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The boyz are at lunch enjoying their martinis!LOL


When do you expect them back
singles 865.25-878.0 plus sq 9 @ 886