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ES 10-22-08

seling 928.50
Prest, i thing your strategy is fine , however im too smalltime to scale in and out. Im just a scalper. But like you said , whatever works and yesterday was my first losing day in a month! There arnt to many who can say that. The reason i took that 'single point entry was ... price proj at 928.50, 5 min avg at 928.75, downside cycle pressure for quite a while now, overbought 5 min and 1 min charts and a cycle mini peak that was due 10:52-55 .
covering 921.50
it was also a re-test of the S2 pivot from below and was, more importantly in my opinion, the VWAP.
plu s 7 on 2 es at 921.50 ,,now up 17.. watching(the exit was the 5 min boll. Still thinking 905ish or lower.)
Just as Kool was taking an entry, developing val high had just moved up to 928 and the low of the open range was at 928.50,, very nice entry PS have a great belated Bday!!
THX Benny, i figure the 'boyz' in the pits owe me after yesterdays blood bath!
going out for coffee , back in 20 min. good luck people!
Originally posted by koolblue

THX Benny, i figure the 'boyz' in the pits owe me after yesterdays blood bath!

One losing day in a month! you really did get a sweet Bday gift if you look at it from the other side of the fence. Great work, keep it up Christmas is coming Sir !!
Remember the closing ticks i commented on (10-20,value of plus 1000) and how it has always ,thats right i said always (all this year so far) resulted in a significant decline within 2 trading days? so far weve gone from 993 to 910 over 80 handles. the avg used to be more like 50 early in the year but ever since aug its more like 70-120. Any way that and the nas underperformance the last 2 days has kepy me from being too bullish.yet. OVERALL believeit or not ,i really am but i would like to see at least 1 3 day rally! BELIEVE IT OR NOT WE HAVNT HAD THAT SINCE THE JULY LOW! Incidently the cycle (down) from the closing ticks is due to end around 1:00 today(thank God!) Ill try to pin it down when we get closer! Just some random thoughts from a closet bull.
singles 865.25-878.0 plus sq 9 @ 886