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ES 10-22-08

OH heck id say more like 940 or even the vol sike 948-50. the triangle should spark a 23 handle move , but i cant remember if its from the apex or the breakout point! Have to get out my tech analysis books!
the 10 point swingers are in the market today
Might still meander tho cause of that darn low in half hour?
IIll try a small buy scalp at 923.50
Missed by 2 ticks, order cancelled ... watching
The actual low ive been waiting for actually appears to be due maybe 6 or 7 after the hour , but to be any big deal itll really have to start travelling!
Notice how the nas is underpreforming on the way down all day! Could be a nice bullish divergence. Sure the opposite of yesterday!
As opposed to during the rally days when the S&P and oil ran inverse, it seems that the S&P now is needing oil to rally to bring it up.
WELL, im up 17 so ican take one good stab down here and if im wrong ill sleep with a 13 handle day under my belt. Ill be long by 7 after or sooner.
buying here
singles 865.25-878.0 plus sq 9 @ 886