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Globex 11-04-08

Interesting action. My inclination to believe we drift upward till the 6th would seem to be coming to pass. currently on a short term basis, i have a proj. to 992.50 and am looking to sell a retest of the recent high for that reason.
you saying the 6th day should be expected to be the top of this uptrend>?
well, yes Nov6 the upside energy should be dissapating, but take my 'long range' forecasts with a grain of salt! Im a scalper and not all that great at longer term stuff! I know there is a significant cycle low coming Nov13-17th and basically think after thurs. we trend down next week. just went short one es at 990.50... 3 point stop
Looking for 986-987 area to exit
slightly risky trade since the price proj. of 992.50 has not yet been seen.
covered 987.50 for that 3.0 on that one
I would expect to see below 986.00 however
looks like shes wanting that 992.50 proj.
992.5 and more
ill sell it if we get there
wow, you got that right! short one at 992.50, 3 point stop
Also note , couting from the bar #7 peak to the next good peak at 992.50 before it starts down gives the exact 1 min bar when that cycle ends!(987.50)
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