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Globex 11-04-08

Interesting action. My inclination to believe we drift upward till the 6th would seem to be coming to pass. currently on a short term basis, i have a proj. to 992.50 and am looking to sell a retest of the recent high for that reason.
1 min avg now 992.50, 5 min boll 991.50
cycle mini low appears to be 8:04-06 or so
thats it for me ..out at 992.75,plus 2 there! up 5 for the day..lotta sweat for peanuts on that one!
remember the proj. (991.75) and expected low!
now ,ill buy 988.50(the next 1 min proj.)
MINDFUL IT COULD RUN TO 987(the old proj and the 5 min 54 exp avg) i have minor lows 8:26-29 and highs 8:34-36
No fill! changing order to 987.50
the 8:34-36 time zone could also be a low, so be very careful there! some kind of shakeout maybe?
Too bad they hit my 988.50 order and never filled me! looks like the 8;29 low is in but not amounting to much so far
short from 91.00 with target of 87

stop @ 94.25
Also note , couting from the bar #7 peak to the next good peak at 992.50 before it starts down gives the exact 1 min bar when that cycle ends!(987.50)
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