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Globex 11-04-08

Interesting action. My inclination to believe we drift upward till the 6th would seem to be coming to pass. currently on a short term basis, i have a proj. to 992.50 and am looking to sell a retest of the recent high for that reason.
ill exit 991 or so tho i expect slightly lower!
MAN,cycles arnt real clear here, hoping that little cycle top at 7:32 saves my butt!
out at breakeven,992.50...noharm,no foul! reason... it went well over the proj.(surprising strenghth) and the 1 min proj. down was 991.75(just hit ) should point out the 5 min chart is saying 987 so i might re short soon
selling 974.75
Now, thats a better entry(i hope) short one at 994.75,looking for 991.00 bare minimum, 987 longer term. As usual ill bail early maybe 992area or so
All time frames finally overbought!(above price proj invalidated of course with the new high )
current proj. (1 min )is only 991.75 so im still trying for 992-992.5
1 min 54 exp. avg is 992.25 and 5 min boll. avg is 990.75 and rising
if its gonna dive should be around now
Also note , couting from the bar #7 peak to the next good peak at 992.50 before it starts down gives the exact 1 min bar when that cycle ends!(987.50)