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Globex 11-04-08

Interesting action. My inclination to believe we drift upward till the 6th would seem to be coming to pass. currently on a short term basis, i have a proj. to 992.50 and am looking to sell a retest of the recent high for that reason.
Good job, Akola! the current price proj is 987.50 and coincidently thats exactly where the 5 min avg is!
what a dumb i am

covered @ 90.00

its forming nice h&S pattern on 1 min chart

i think it goes to 86 and then i will buy one
Still, a win is a win my friend! Im long one from 987.75 for a quick scalp!
im hoping for 991-991.50 first, and an exit at 990.00
did it already touched the neckline?

nice call kool

too bad i did not go long...

saw ur post after it already got to 89.50
out at 990.00, plus 2.25 and up 7.25 on the day...(like taking candy from a baby) Time for me to chill and watch the open(next good top due around 9;36-41)
see ya on the es thread later!
Originally posted by Akola

nice call kool

too bad i did not go long...

saw ur post after it already got to 89.50

Also note , couting from the bar #7 peak to the next good peak at 992.50 before it starts down gives the exact 1 min bar when that cycle ends!(987.50)
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