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ES 11-5-08

FWIW...the 5m projects down to 982.50
gotta pick up my son, back in 15 min! hope i dont miss it!
977 sq. 9, 975 -50% IB extension
the earlier 15m to 1022 is now negated cause we took out 981.25
Daily S1 976
back... yeah ,its sure looking like 60 chart is right ...around 972?
all time frames are getting over sold,too!
order in at 972.00, 3 point stop
be advised 1 min might be saying 971.00
dam, stopped .. down 3 for the day.. ill try again around 966.50
this whole mess probably due to high closing ticks on the nyse, tho im sure they'll blame it on the election!
BUT HEY,awin is a win, right? and it was my best scalp of the day!