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ES 11-5-08

FWIW...the 5m projects down to 982.50
VO if you have the time while posting can you just name the bars H/L on the time frame....i'm just going along with Kools method and would like to see what others get for projections.... if you have the time it would be great,,thanks
Akola you asked time...I have not really been following that just price at this point...for me the easiest way is to just put a fib retracement on your h/l bars...boom 3 seconds and you have your number
sure Benny...and thanks for the browser refresh links! The last 5m projection to 1000 came from the 8:50 pivot low (982.50) and the next 8:55 high (989.50)...projects to 1000
the 15m proj. comes from the 4:30 pivot low (981.25) the next pivot high at 6:00 (997)...since we did not take out the 981.25 low, then projection is still 1022.50. I'm just using Kools formula...naturally if that 981.25 pivot is taken out then that projection is not valid
kool must have been up late with election watch
VO didn't realize earlier you were central time
this current 5m proj. is to 986 based on 9:35 h and the 9:40...unless the 9:35 h is taken out
just woke up , gang! sorry! gimme a few to cath up here
BY the way , great job VO!
Well, you were right about 986, right here its saying 983 and ultimately could be saying 980
BUT HEY,awin is a win, right? and it was my best scalp of the day!
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