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ES 11-5-08

FWIW...the 5m projects down to 982.50
dow is down 411 now!
wow, this is the low ..right on schedule
buying one here
wants 48
So Kool is the high tick rule, that a closing tick higher than 800 is bearish for the next day?
DAMgood call VO ! wish i would have listened better! im long one for 952.25 and a stop at 950.00 but im covering quick cause i think your right!
wow, out at 4.75 now up nicely... sorry bout the late posts but this is moving so fast! Margie ,the rule is a decent (50handles -120) starting within 2 trading sessions , not necessarily the next day. Thats why its just good to confirm your work instead of a real 'timing' tool!
IF you were to check, you would see it signalled impending doom back at the aug high and several days during the sep and oct crashes
here comes your 48 number VO! hey Akola , howd you come out on that short you took a while back?
BUT HEY,awin is a win, right? and it was my best scalp of the day!
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