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ES 11-24-08

GM...todays numbers
15m: 839.25, 848 / 780.75
5m: 827, 841, 847.25
Daily PP: 777.75
Weekly PP: 804.25
covering 830
kool you mentioned that old targets act as s/r and I have found this to be the case...I always leave the last target hit on until new target reached
down 7.75 .. and struggling
down 10 today here- trying to fight the uptrend I think I will wait it out
keep making these token highs
flat at 36.50 ....sidelined now
gotta buy till the holiday minimum, dec 2 maximum!(generally speaking ,of course)
what do you mean dec 2 max? Do you mean a high around there
its just we are sooo overbought here its hard not to sell this thing!
Yes, Palmer, more on that later....
well, gotta go, see you tomorrow. GOOD TRADING ALL!