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ES 11-24-08

GM...todays numbers
15m: 839.25, 848 / 780.75
5m: 827, 841, 847.25
Daily PP: 777.75
Weekly PP: 804.25
stopped at 840.00 and now down 11
s @ 42
i wont sell again till that 847.25 projection
flat @ 39
puts me above water at least
No excuses for me ,VO. Ieven had positive cycles on my hourly studies this weekend and thought we'd be climbing this morning, but still tried to sell too early! Got what i deserved ,i suppose! But "the day aint over yet!"
added at 39.50....nice call on the 41 is 35 first now
trends....kill !
I spend so much time fading that I no longer can catch trends...seems my mind would rather lose than reverse positions.....of course trends are easy to spot after they happen
c'mon u 35 pig!
well, gotta go, see you tomorrow. GOOD TRADING ALL!