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ES 11-25-08

daily: 1073 / 736.25
60m: 910.75, 899.50
15m: 916, 884
5m: 875.50,

need to retrace a bit before we get any downside projections
I'm here again. I wish I can make a good day with you guys just like I did yesterday. You know what??? I'll just say thank to you guys in advance. I know its gonna be a good one with you guys here today ;-D
ty prestwick
Originally posted by VOwater

ty prestwick

Thanks to you VO, especially for your hard work to learn Kool's technique and your graciousness in sharing the fruits of your work.
we are filling singles from yesterday 857-866.25
np prestwick...just btrying to help
I had two working and covered one at 61.75....just in front of the minus 8.I'm gutless in the overnight...I was hoping those double tops would have been run quickly after the real time open to add to...trying for 55 on this last contract
58 is 5m proj from top
flat at 63.25..damn that minus 8 - 10 point area...I just can't reverse when I have a bias...will try again soon I hope
consumer confidence # at top of hour
sold the 62.75's..they may fake me here like yesterday..want new lows first then 55
Thanks VO. I haven't been working with Kool's cycle projection tool much and was experimenting this PM. I was using the cycle highs and lows and using 1.618 from the end of the cycle. In my notes I had Kool saying to use 2.618 from the beginning of the cycle. Using the 1.618 I had a cycle H to L of 17.5 when fibbed by 1.612 gave me a 28.25 point expectation which added to the cycle low of 833.5 gave me a 61.75 target. For that second cycle projection that negated I had 61.5 - 47.25 = 14.25 * 1.618 = 23 + 847.5 (cycle low)= 870.5 target. That's the one that didn't hit at the end of the session. Maybe I am oversimplifying it.
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