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ES 11-28-08

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! The markets sure are. I see my 891 was finally achieved last nite. Next higher projection would be the daily projection around 904.50-905.50.
see/ it still has to hit 979! thats where i buy...
bounced off 5m 500
If this goes below 880 will short.
well, time is winding down here , and shes having trouble at the 5 min boll avg at 884.00 not sure how this story ends today!
well, flat day, just like my profits! plus 2 on the day.. CYA all sun nite or mon. morning ... Have a happy and safe weekend!
take care Kool
+ 50% IB 893.75
- 50% IB 876.00 FWIW
thanks red
FWIW: ive noticed a 6-61/2 hour cycle lately , which would put a peak about 5 hours into trading mon. That would tie in nicely with my Kools tools hourly cycle peak due around then also... so look for some upside Mon.... Cya!
Anyone know what time does the market closes today?
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There were over 5k contracts to short at 905.00 that werent a fake they stayed there while being hit and until 1 min b4 the close.