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ES 11-28-08

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! The markets sure are. I see my 891 was finally achieved last nite. Next higher projection would be the daily projection around 904.50-905.50.
yeah, eventually its gonna do it and go to that 874 area, previuos low was 875 so itll be normal to 'retest' it
ill still cover 880.50 just cause im so short term, but im selling till 874 shows up!
taking 1 off @ 80.25 and moving stop to be
5 min up pressure should be coming off now
finally eat up the 81 demand
Bingo! like taking candy from a bunch of rich babies!LOL
intraday gaps are like taking candy from a baby...stop to be
lotta demand at 79
5 min boll avg 879.25 should give a small bounce
will take 79.25 and call it a good trade
Originally posted by koolblue


There were over 5k contracts to short at 905.00 that werent a fake they stayed there while being hit and until 1 min b4 the close.
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