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ES 11-28-08

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! The markets sure are. I see my 891 was finally achieved last nite. Next higher projection would be the daily projection around 904.50-905.50.
Im talking about "big picture" of course
closing ticks (and put call ratios) excessive 3 days in a row, tue is .382 the 40-45 day cycle(usually a top), and just plain old fashioned tech. analysis that weve gone up too far too fast and are due some kind of retracement. Still think higher is possible between now and tues ,tho
ps: trying to sell the 1 min avg at 882.25 here!
did they give ya the day off?
Of course... taking mon nite off too, so i can trade all day tues!
82.25 the 5m avg I see
yeah, my 1 min proj was around 881.25, but i was hoping for a little more and just had a feeling. As you can see the proj was right on.cycles had a peak at 8:06 by 1 min.
back to 880?.. im still watching that 5 min avg tho.("never the first time") lol
the 30 min avg is 881.35 and the 15 min boll(15 period exp) avg is 881.20 so itll likely fade there
would like to see them get up to the upper downtrend channel by Tues.

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Originally posted by koolblue


There were over 5k contracts to short at 905.00 that werent a fake they stayed there while being hit and until 1 min b4 the close.
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