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ES 12-02-08

WELL here we go! tues ,i expect some rebound action to 840 area and eventually 851, but i have late today or wed as atop so i dont see an extended run up yet! ... keep in mind the market doesnt always listen to me! LOL
we're bumping our head on the bottom of yesterday IB low @ 850.50
hello prestwick...did you have a good day?
Hi VO. I did fine but had some rough stretches to work through. I had a bad day yesterday fighting platform crashes and then buying into the crash at the close w/o stopping out. I more than made up for it today so it worked out. How about you? It looks like you made a decent day's wages. :-)
made out like a bandit...what led you to go with MB?
VO - I opened an account with minimal $ with MB 2 years ago to feed ES data into Quotetracker while they paid me interest and I never traded with them. I have been trading the SSO and SDS off of ES data for a long time using Mark to Market accounting with another broker (who doesn't allow futs trading). I had been doing pretty good doing it but gains are treated as ordinary income. I have cap losses in investment accounts that I can work off going into the end of the year so I put more money in that dormant MB acount and started to trade the ES last week (tax free trading for a while provided I make money). I learned that MB's platform crashes when one trades the ES. I remedied that today by telling them to turn off my futs data so I had a stable order entry platform and relied on 2 other data sources for charts, etc. MB says they will have the problem fixed by the end of the week. I called OEC and they offered me a higher commission than MB so I will look around more. Lightspeed is a possibility.
higher commission? I pay 2.80 RT and all I did was open an acount online about 6 months ago
Vo, what do you think? daily cycles show wed as a peak!
End conclusions: i would expect 'the peak' to be made on globex tonite and then a decline tomorrow.
yesterday you said you wouldn't be surprised to see 851 and we did. Nice work.
I am very anxious to see how tomorrow is going to play out
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