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ES 12-02-08

WELL here we go! tues ,i expect some rebound action to 840 area and eventually 851, but i have late today or wed as atop so i dont see an extended run up yet! ... keep in mind the market doesnt always listen to me! LOL

POC = 842
Daily PP = 842
Weekly PP = 858.50
This is purely an educated guess at this point , but the tade of the day might be buying the 11:30 low for a run to the 3:00 peak.... we'll have to see...(im not always accurate on the longer term stuff!)
842 is also sq root of 813.25 low plus 0.500==842!
looks like they want to gap fill...842 must be important
opening 5min looks just like yesterday lol
looks to me like they want to take it down as far as they can this morning... some resistance at 822.00, 818.25, and better around 814.50.. not sure how far they go here
were right here @ 127.2 extension with 161.8 being 817
im going to try a long(one only) at 818.25... not for the faint of heart!
im up 6 from globex so i figure i get on free trade! lol
yesterday you said you wouldn't be surprised to see 851 and we did. Nice work.
I am very anxious to see how tomorrow is going to play out
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