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ES 12-9-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 897
POC: 904.50
Weekly PP: 861
Monthly PP: 881

R1: 926.75
S1: 875

15m: 897.50, 891.25
5m: 895.75

anyone home????
gm palmer just watching, had projection to 908 area but looks like it may become invalid
I'm here Palmer

shorted 98.25 looking for 95.50

WOW got out just b4 the news
Anyone else having probs with the forum today? Mine keeps showing the hour glass like its still loading.
nope everything is good here
Not much happening with the Asian or European markets
[email protected]

got nothing out of it once it moved a point I moved to BE and got stopped

but it should go to 907 then 911
VO- we having alittle trouble with that POC value
ym and es out of synch..we can expect chop until that resolves..i'm hoping ro sell into the 06 - 08 area
for time being...I think we clear

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