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ES 12-15-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867
R1: 905
S1: 847.25

Monthly PP: 881
Weekly PP: 877.75
POC: 897.75

60m: 927.75 / 849
15m: 893.75 / 875.75
5m: 886.25 / 874.50

one little globex gap to fill @ 80.25

ty Vo
5 min time cycle ended 10:10 but every thing very neg

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Margie... It was not directed at you. what you stated imho is not really past posting. sorry if I offended you
Originally posted by Margie

I didn't mean to affend anyone. Some people on this post have been teaching certain techniques and I am just showing my appreciation of it. Maybe draw attention to what they are doing. It works. I am not confident yet to post prior to trading. Again I apologixze if affending anyone. I will limit my comments if this is the case.

Margie - I can't see how you offended anyone. Just keep being yourself. Thanks.
Rburns no offense taken. I love this site and wouldn't want to do it any damage...Now back to trading!
only thing im offended at is bruce jumping in with size to push this market in front of my number
I was to inflexible...I had long signal @ 69.25 and didn't take because I wanted my number...not the way to trade, setups wont always be nice and clean
s @ 71.50
1 off 69.75...stop be
see ya
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