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ES 12-15-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867
R1: 905
S1: 847.25

Monthly PP: 881
Weekly PP: 877.75
POC: 897.75

60m: 927.75 / 849
15m: 893.75 / 875.75
5m: 886.25 / 874.50

one little globex gap to fill @ 80.25

Originally posted by pt_emini

GM get their bridge loan to nowhere ?

s @ 72.50
Originally posted by wsjalerts13

L @ 862.5

Kool/Vo - How does the price projection look like ?

flat 69.50
We have a quad witch this week. I believe it was Art Cashin who said he thought the late spike Friday was due to hedge fund short covering and this has a feel like short covering too
wsj were at extremes...hence my sell
Out @ 872.25
Kool you had some excellent calls today. Somehow you were over-thinking your actual trades, my guess is in an hour or two from now your mind will clear and you will know what happened and why. I'm guessing its some old habits creeping in on you. It happens to all of us. Last week I had a couple days I couldn't get in sync with the rhythm of the market, kept getting these little stops.

For example, your 12:22 pm cycle high call was spot on the money, it ended the lunchtime rally and subsequently gave us a new low. And of course your 855 low call was right there.
Originally posted by VOwater

wsj were at extremes...hence my sell

Thanks, everything looked overbought needed second opinion closed my position as well.
see ya
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