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Globex 12-18-08

Good morning all! selling this 908 area
My 908 to 910 2 points.

EMA3 above EMA9 with MACD pointing up

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2 points
this 5 min bar should be a small low.. we'll see
I guess so. I think all eyes on the Chrysler rescue announcement.
About half the volume at 0732h
OH GOD! another rescue? im toast!
Don't be alarm. I think Bush doesn't want to do anything and leaving it to Obama. He has only less than 15 days to vacate the White House. News of automakers cutting costs and delaying products is received in half-hearted.
well they better run it up soon cause i hate to be in a trade at the open!
here we go.. i hope!
Up down up down up down up down 908 909. Its like watching a my plants grow. OK Done. Let me get a 2215h snack here and come back in 30 min.
It was a little late to try 2 targets scaled out at 2 and 4. EMA3 is still below EMA9. MACD was still downtrending.

Realised 2. 4 was a long shot. So I moved my stop closer to the short tick to protect my 2 point lead.

Click image for original size
Short 2 and 4 points target scale out. Later moved stop closer cost.
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