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Globex 12-18-08

Good morning all! selling this 908 area
Gonna pull a BRITNEY SPEARS!(run to starbucks for coffee) back in 15 min....
morning KOOL
Morning, Palmer.
what is this ?... some kind of double zig- zag or something?
Im tempted to sell 910, but i wont because it project to something like 914.25 or so
you talking about the price pattern or rolling papers
ha ha ha.. thats right , your a 'child of the sixties 'too huh?
Hey, VO DID THE LINK WORK O/N THE E-MAIL I SENT? IF NOT send me a reply cause if i have your e-mail address i can forward the link to y
wtf! must be the usual crappy economic news!
yeah kool the link worked...and just amazes me how much stuff is out there right at our fingertips and a lot of it free
It was a little late to try 2 targets scaled out at 2 and 4. EMA3 is still below EMA9. MACD was still downtrending.

Realised 2. 4 was a long shot. So I moved my stop closer to the short tick to protect my 2 point lead.

Click image for original size
Short 2 and 4 points target scale out. Later moved stop closer cost.
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