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Globex 12-18-08

Good morning all! selling this 908 area
ill sell one at 914.25 cause im bored (and up a few handles)
Yeah,Vo not very up on MP, but this guy is good . ive been getting his e- mails about 2 months now and hes pretty on most of the time.
jobless claims must have been really bad cause we spiked 4 points!
nor am I kool but he traded a 1m chart with MP
vol really dropping on the decline ...they want that 914-16 area bad, but the 5 min chart is 'wicked' overbought so they need a breather?
should be a good buy scalp in a few min
just went long one at 909.25,2 point stop
kool. Could'nt wait. 910 seems like major resistance here. Took 2 points. I'll call it quits now until 2 hours later.
holding for quick exit at 912.75
well done , Lordalfa.
It was a little late to try 2 targets scaled out at 2 and 4. EMA3 is still below EMA9. MACD was still downtrending.

Realised 2. 4 was a long shot. So I moved my stop closer to the short tick to protect my 2 point lead.

Click image for original size
Short 2 and 4 points target scale out. Later moved stop closer cost.
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