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ES 1-9-09

GM Traders
892.00 initial - 895 secondary...Need to get over 892.00 quickly though...
2B bottom confirmed on ES...on bigger chart, confirmed earlier on 610
thats why i went long one... heres hoping!
thanks Prest...watching that....I think they will fill it it ....Just wasn't expecting it my world they want to go down to the 867 area at least......butthat will take some time......I hope!!
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

we had pit session singles from 12/31 on the strong open from 886.5-892 that have almost completely filled. 886 is sq 9. also have singles 883-886

...gotta go up now - We all agree! lol
cycle top coming round 11 et, eh kool?
ill be conservative and exit early at usual
I'm hoping they can al least test the singles created by that HUGE selling tail...
s ym @ 82
Originally posted by vast524

Prestwick. Are you just reading this by the Dome and the T&S chart?

The singles were from the pit session TPOs. The read on big money net position is from a BAV chart.