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ES 1-9-09

GM Traders
higher folks
stop 94.25
they gave it the college try
I'm not sure if this following comment is made out of fascination, frustration or ego...perhaps a bit of it all ... but that volume zone was created on the 15th, one minute bar of the day. So when I see DVAH or single prints come in there and all your projections end up there I'm scrating my head saying...wait's been there all along. On the other side of the coin is complete respect for you folks and your I leave it at that. I think I'm leaning towards the EGO explaination for's amazing how it all comes together one way or the other....I think I need a johnny walker redd and water in a tall glass....that might shut me up,
OH IT WILL, Vo... 1 min proj is 900.50 and no doubt we'll see your 903!
yes VO the close above the highest low for a long and reverse for short...doesn't matter on the time frame
Originally posted by VOwater

Bruce I meant to say any chart frame or period for that you see why

Originally posted by BruceM

Pt ? did you see this....? if you have a chance...I know why I was/am monitoring the 90 area but always curious what the rest of the gang see..
Originally posted by BruceM

please expand on that when you have time PT
Originally posted by pt_emini

they have setup this 890 level

Sorry for the delayed reply Bruce, I was away for lunch.

1.Open a new chart. Hit the maximize button and expand it out so you can see everything since the RTH Open.
2.Draw 2 horizontal lines: Red line at 895, Green line 890

At the time of my original posting buyers were camped out on 890.00, which in my mind setup a failure point where they would sweep out sell stops later. Which they did several times today. Once 890 was swept clean of stops, any subsequent "breakdown" of 890 can be viewed as setting up a subsequent reversal trade for a run back to 895.
dow trying to lead up....that's spells trouble to longs
they get me here im sure, but ill need to buy lower
Originally posted by vast524

Prestwick. Are you just reading this by the Dome and the T&S chart?

The singles were from the pit session TPOs. The read on big money net position is from a BAV chart.
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