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ES 1-9-09

GM Traders
bonds pushing up hard
ABC off IB sweep

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ABC off IB sweep
ym stop 77
Originally posted by popstocks

cycle top coming round 11 et, eh kool?

..well i have 9:56 to 10:35 on the 1 min chart , so a few min later probably
I just want out of this mess ive made!
short ym again 76...stop be
theres are 50% retrace
...should see 897.00, but needs to close at or above 895.00 first....
any close above 92.75 and were headed much higher
Originally posted by vast524

Prestwick. Are you just reading this by the Dome and the T&S chart?

The singles were from the pit session TPOs. The read on big money net position is from a BAV chart.