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Question for AK1

Noticed your trade method today. Could you elaborate a little more? What kind of stop do you use and what targets do you set. How long have you been trading this and roughly how profitable is it? Thanks.
good suggestions and after the fact trades are perfectly fine with me
AK1. I am just wondering if the candle open and close must happen at the same time as the MACD crosses the zero line? Or can it happen within a set time of the MACD cross? ie. If the MACD line crosses the zero line at 9:45 from low to high and at 9:47 is the first time a green candle open and closes above the 10SMA. Is this a valid signal to go long?
You also mentioned in the 14-01 ES chart that it was a great day as the MACD was always below the Zero line. Does this mean, that once it has crossed from high to low that until it goes back above the zero line, that any candle that open and closes below the 8SMA is a valid sell signal.
Thanks once again for allowing us into your trading guide.
All very interesting to see how people go about it.
Good morning Canada..... Piece of cake and bed tea
05:31:00 1 BUY_LIMIT 851.75
05:34:24 1 SELL_LIMIT 852.75
My idea of taking this trade is to show you how well the 1:1 low risk ratio works
AK1, Here is a copy of the charts for that time frame. Just wondering why you may have exited so early?

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I exited early because of the large green candle on my entry. Such sudden and large moves sometimes hit large sell orders. Be safe than sorry!!!!!!
vast524, will it be possible for you to post the charts as you come across setups for our fellow traders to view as you have picked up the concept well. Thanks
Have I got the settings correct on the charts? ie Bollonger values, Macd's ...
I presume you are trying for the upper Boll value for a long and the lower Bol for the short as your exit points?
Yes vast524 you are right. Lets first show them how to enter for a 1 pt profit
Actually you can setup alarms on Ninja Trader.

If MACD > 0 and Open and Close > SMA 10 High. Send Alarm. Long.
If MACD < 0 and Open and Close > SMA 8 Close. Send Alarm. Short.
Sorry! Found it after more reading/searching.