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Question for AK1

Noticed your trade method today. Could you elaborate a little more? What kind of stop do you use and what targets do you set. How long have you been trading this and roughly how profitable is it? Thanks.
Thanks Lordalfa. This is most useful
Just a computer geek speaking. I wished they had trading platforms in Linux for uber geeks or propeller heads. I have to setup a different computer for trading. I have a powerful dual processor 2.66GHz with 24GB of RAM, quad GPU (8 LCDs capable, currently 3 used) waiting for utilisation.
good strategy ak1, thank you for sharing it

I have a strategy using the MACD on the 2 minute chart, I will compare the signals and see if there is any commonality.

What would you estimate your win% is using the 1:1 ratio ?
pt emini please be kind enough to share your observations about the 2 min charts and MACD. Also I have an opinion as to how to trade consolidation phase and when to expect them. I beleive there is easy money in consoldation as every one is confused. ALSO consolidation is best identified when the fast and slow moving averages of the MACD begin to coil around each other especially when MACD is settled at the zero line. Result is a high volume trade area that will act as a magnet to the market. This is my version of BruceM volume concept. About KB and VOwater concept I feel when the Stochastic(8/3/3) on a 5 min chart is hit at the extreme in a fib extension it is a good entry counter trend. But just my opinion with all due respect to our gurus please
Thanks ak1 for sharing your macd method. i would like to know what charting software you use with which data feed?
I don't know how you guys run 1 stop points on trades?? I was in room of SP500guru a few years back and he would have 1 stops too.

He advertises on magazines short 1200, stop 1201 target 1175 in 45 mins. This never happened when I was there for 2 months...NEVER.

And his calls with the 1 stop is all bogus. Your entry points are much before the Naturus on paltalk...nonsens*

The only thing I will give Sp500 is he is good with time and his globex resistance and support is good.

If you do want to use 1 stop ( 1 would say 2.5 minimum) use a trend line break with a new trend line up....this is squaring of time and price..In addition, there are 3 or 4 candlesticks that tell you reversals are in order for lows and that is 8 candlesticks. I only look at candlesticks at the highs and between...the boys are trying to screw you.

Good luck
With all respect pips2007 with this method I posted all the trades I took.So the question of trying to mislead anyone doesn't arise. If you have the time please try it on a sim and always join bid or offer when you make the entry. Never buy/sell market.This will help to increase your SL to 1.25 automatically and still have a 1:1 ratio.
Do you use any robots to trade your. I am looking at getting a robot but I am not sure about it. It would sure be nice to have a lot of the work done for you
I've tried to find the post regarding ak1"s trade setup/method. Could someone direct me to that post?
Sorry! Found it after more reading/searching.