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The Dow 30

With Citi at almost 1$, and GM $1.86 how long will these stay on the Dow 30 at such low levels?

With the comments from the auditor for G.M., Deloitte & Touche, said Thursday that G.M.’s survival was in “substantial doubt.”

Has the Dow held such companies in the past that where having this much financial woes? I wouldn't see the powers that be keep Enron on the Big 30 till the end (Enron was not on the DOW I am using it as an example only).

My guess it probably did in 1939 debacle....but not sure.

Vikram Pandit-saw gold and silver and riches, but alas-they set him up real good!!! The thieves ran away with all the money and Pandit found the cupboard bare. Citi America's big banking giant...on its knees at $1.00 and begging for a survival. The other banks are not different...all broke. De facto nationalization is already on.

Maybe the SEC and these bankers can go to Venezuela and get banking lessons 101, now that the government runs them. Chavez is eagerly waiting to help!!!

"Can I have some more porridge."

Jay leno said it best AIG = Already its gone.

BA*= Back again Charlie- I need more money.

C**i= ****ty

Gold**n= Holdthem (figure it out). Cuz that's all you will be left with.

G*= Greed everywhere

Wel*Fargo= Fistful of Sh*t

JP Morga*= Judas.Play on Morgan

Now I finally know what some these names stand for. Should be in every MBA curriculum.

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