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ES Apr 24, 09

We just started a 4 day cycle. They're buying the open at 8:40 and selling the close at 14:40 where they can. I notice seller's satisfaction at a corner to corner at 55 in want to test 36 but 42 should hold.

They're buying the dip.

I have a swing projection to 902 where time and price will square at exactly a throw over next Wed. the 29th at close 14:40.

Let's check it out.
want a 30 minute close below 57.50 at 10:30 to hold this chop
nice excess on the highs so far....
I unloaded 7 1/4. they held corner to corner and then ticked it.
I'm going to try and get a 53 fill. 65 still target if I like 53. I'll keep 53.
That's a top yo
dancing around this weekly pivot.
seems like an anemic try for a break of the IB high so far...divergent market so looking to resell again up here at the 60's
old poc sits at 62.75 if needed
a close on the 5 minute bar below 57 and we go down to at least yesterday close or possibly daily pivot
i'll be surprised if they don't make new highs now that double tpo's sit there.....was hoping for the quick pop and drop off of last 30 minute high
I think we just saved a crash.

All we know are two things: we're trading on top of bear price satisfaction before they broke to test, and bounced 3 points above it.

I can get pretty creative with my trend lines, and have received some flack here in the past for it, but below are my diamond and by hand Gann Fan.

I think it's more than probable we'll double top and base and turn right around and test 823, for two reasons: We just broke-out of an angle that's going to revert and sellers are satisfied everywhere.

I'm in the camp per longs trading above 67 for options and positions, but it's a fair guess to suggest we'll chop in weekend trading and they'll buy the open.

I don't have a target yet.

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