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ES Apr 24, 09

We just started a 4 day cycle. They're buying the open at 8:40 and selling the close at 14:40 where they can. I notice seller's satisfaction at a corner to corner at 55 in want to test 36 but 42 should hold.

They're buying the dip.

I have a swing projection to 902 where time and price will square at exactly a throw over next Wed. the 29th at close 14:40.

Let's check it out.
double topped 55, ticked it and held the tick. They're going to try and test 36. I'm looking at 49 & 45 for support in indication if 42 or even 36 is possible. Really low volume at 42 though. A nice place to drive prices down for a good fill. We'll see
Just as an observation a 45 degree move from the close of 855 would be at 840.
The standard deviation of volume over a 34 period is falling while $VOLD and prices are rising.

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I am long ES @ 54, due to a trending $VOLD...
$TICK has mostly been on the + side this morning, $VOLD making new highs.
I'm long 5 1/2; I missed the doubled tick at 52 & the best volume at the time.

Morn' Joe
I love it when a plan comes together
I'm not keeping this long. Targeting 65 for a better fill.
I'm short the plus 4 and 59..trying to get yesterdays highs...
tightened at 54.25 which was the one SD of current Vwap...56 holds the key now for me
I think we just saved a crash.

All we know are two things: we're trading on top of bear price satisfaction before they broke to test, and bounced 3 points above it.

I can get pretty creative with my trend lines, and have received some flack here in the past for it, but below are my diamond and by hand Gann Fan.

I think it's more than probable we'll double top and base and turn right around and test 823, for two reasons: We just broke-out of an angle that's going to revert and sellers are satisfied everywhere.

I'm in the camp per longs trading above 67 for options and positions, but it's a fair guess to suggest we'll chop in weekend trading and they'll buy the open.

I don't have a target yet.

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