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I've concluded every turn up since 72 has been a head fake to put in a bottom. Think about it, they're reluctant to hold 49 & 50 as a sure-fire foothold to beat their best price of the last leg top and base, where, from wence they began in Nov. 08, buyers held that bottom for a few days on the way down. They're already satisfied to go up but have to hold a major corner of a building bottom and then tighten the range.

I fully expect institutional conservatives to throw size around with their best quants' equations the basement-dwelling geeks don't have to put in a rational bottom.

With a .618 ratio for every major corner in this bear, we're flirting with a bottom at 446. NS I have some hard earned trend lines in my daily that point to ticking 665 and going for it if they're really serious. And by going for it I mean a full on 3rd impulse that'll put SPX double 1586 and a support there on the pullback.
What sock-puppet nyms should we look out for when you troll proceeding threads of mine? You know, just as a heads up.

You wont last two days before creating another account.

Try an english class. Maybe they have one in Thailand. Also, most calculators have an instruction manual.

Just trying to be helpful.
Great stuff!!..FED days are a coin toss.......gambling now!!
Originally posted by MonkeyMeat

Red, it'll definitely spike up and/or down by the appropriate number of points. Just take the square root of any price during today's RTH session prior to 2pm, add 2 and multiply by the number I'm thinking of right now. Works every time, it does!

When this tops at 75, and newbies interested in cycles unsure how to sector out degrees of movements and forecast, not only will they not get any more info from me, you jack-asses razzing me about it wont profit from my calls, either.
you keep throwing lots of numbers out there SPQR , you are bound to get a hit on them.....Even the broken clock is right twice a day..too funny for words....
I can tell u this...nothing will really happen until we get above 76.25 or below!!
Beside the point. That's a pretty top isn't it?
Well, that was a rather tame FOMC release ... waiting for mkt to pick a direction now. If a trend begins to unfold will probably look to trade a pullback in that direction, especially if to the long side. Small size though.
I really wanted you to be right about the 75 top printing 79 as I type..opps....congrats to Joe...well done!! he had the 80 a few days ago...impressive...keep at it SPQR!! I'm trying agin from 78.75 after getting clipped at 72.....shorts for me
As a side note: I had two conflicting top numbers. 75 I found, to match standard deviation of the entire swing, verses angles and 880, where Joe made me think about my approach. I wouldn't have found 80 had he not mentioned it. I don't give props much but that's some hardcore number crunching.

Also, I plan to stay here a while and post were that not obvious. Feel free to pee up a rope and mark territory, but I'ld prefer just to get along. Many methods, many ways.
That's the second time you said goodbye to me, exile. I'm beginning to think I'm lugging you around like herpes.

I should note I'm hetero and not interested.

Bye (hopefully for good)
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