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I've concluded every turn up since 72 has been a head fake to put in a bottom. Think about it, they're reluctant to hold 49 & 50 as a sure-fire foothold to beat their best price of the last leg top and base, where, from wence they began in Nov. 08, buyers held that bottom for a few days on the way down. They're already satisfied to go up but have to hold a major corner of a building bottom and then tighten the range.

I fully expect institutional conservatives to throw size around with their best quants' equations the basement-dwelling geeks don't have to put in a rational bottom.

With a .618 ratio for every major corner in this bear, we're flirting with a bottom at 446. NS I have some hard earned trend lines in my daily that point to ticking 665 and going for it if they're really serious. And by going for it I mean a full on 3rd impulse that'll put SPX double 1586 and a support there on the pullback.
It's all a matter of perspective. My experiment proved none of you shills are worthy of the respect you claim to hold in regard at any rate. Forgive if I don't lose sleep caring about what you think of me or think in general.
That's the second time you said goodbye to me, exile. I'm beginning to think I'm lugging you around like herpes.

I should note I'm hetero and not interested.

Bye (hopefully for good)
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