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That 875 - 877 ...

we can stay short as long as we don't get 30 minute closes above that.....great volume push that created single prints on favorite resistance.....overnight stopped there buys at lower window today for me
Dropped to 62 finding a bottom of an ABC pullback you ingrain idiot. It held 67 5 friggn' times before they based satisfied at 67. Then, they made support of your skew-wise rendering of market profile having reading comprehension trouble. Now, we've retraced 70% of the entire move from 85 and are in the fourth wave ABC and just now bounced to the upside from the 50% fib.

Do you even trade?

It sure doesn't sound like it.
From here on I will be deleting any post of SPQR's in this or any other thread that is offensive.We have a great place here and I won't let him/her ruin's basically that simple...

It was fun for a brief time but that time is over...

If anyone has any issues with this please contact me via email

SPQR - please continue posting your views on the market
Hey may want to observe the concept of these closes over time at the following:

Key volume zones
Previous days highs and lows
Overnight highs and lows
the current days open

Yesterday I posted to Joe that I wanted to see the 30 minute close below the 81 and 79 area....those where the open and previous days RTH high. You can see how we never had a close below yesterdays low this morning. You can see how they chopped the close around the open price today...just a few may want to add an additional filter as to how far above or below the key numbers it needs to close...just some quick thoughts

So far we hit into the key zone but couldn't close above it.....these thoughts are about the concepts and not specifically how I would trade it or which side of the market I favor...

Hope this filter is a helpful addition
Originally posted by MonkeyMeat

Bruce, there's your 30 min bar close ... just a tad below the open (at least on my charts).

Thanks for the heads-up Bruce. Will keep an eye on those things. Since I'm so focused on analysis during the mkt., both my overall take coming into the day (which I've posted w/charts a few times) as well as unfolding analysis and trade execution ... I probably don't soak up as much of the whole dynamics, espec. regarding the things you point out in your post re: your comments on 30 min chart stuff. I tend to work off of S/R levels and try to determine if it's a trending type day or a chop day to trade as effectively as possible. It's nice to see you and other folks commentary and charts and analysis here. Don't know of a better site for this! Good stuff!
We did revisit the 75 area that I had as others did as a signif area ... espec. since was overnight high ... shorted and scratched the trade. Volume is abysmal.
equal amounts of buying and selling above the opening print...just like a neutral day without using the hour highs or usually only two types of closes in theory...a) on an extreme or b) in the middle of the range
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