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5/5 Midday Trading?

Snore! After an NR/4 (NR/7) the mkt broke out yday and gave us a WR day up to the top end of what I have as an upper trendline across the past few weeks on the daily. Currently we have an ES range of 11 points ... which is narrower than the Friday NR. Are odds pointing to an increase in today's range by the close ... in other words, a semi-decent break of the session's current high or low??? Have posted an ES daily chart with a channel in blue. Shorted the NQ a little bit ago ... decided to scratch for a few ticks. Anyone seeing anything of significance as of yet?

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Originally posted by SPQR

And Joe said we should be in the 70s today to buy this thing. Throwing everyone for a loop. Sure we're going up?

What does this mean? I have a short @ 897 targeting 877, I have a reverse set for this weeks range (905). I never said anything about it having to be in the 70's for me to buy.... LOL I'll buy like a greedy newbie if this thing breaks up.

Who did I throw for a loop? I'll bet my bottom dollar on it, until I see weakness, and I have not seen weakness for weeks.

And...yes were going up.

My moving averages quit working! lol!
Whats up with the big move down?? Looks like I may get 77

They started breaking down @ 8:30 mark you had for a bottom was that a planet ingress or something like it?
92.75 covered short and trying a long. The 30min RSI is hooking, 30min high breached
Originally posted by CharterJoe

92.75 covered short and trying a long. The 30min RSI is hooking, 30min high breached

Covered 1/2 @ +3 Stop at flat +1tick for broker. Lets see if they take'em back up.
Some good overnight trade entries, both short and long Joe !!
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